Why Invest in Security Cameras Installation?

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Why Invest in Security Cameras Installation?

Security cameras are one of the most representative components of electronic security. It is a technology that seeks to help protect people and assets that remain within a space or even outside.

However, despite their popularity, there is still the question of whether it is worth investing in these devices? Because when you think about security, the first image that comes to mind is that of the guards.

And it’s true that many companies still opt for more traditional security methods.

Regardless of the industry, you are in, security cameras today offer multiple benefits, not only in terms of protection. But also in obtaining information that you can use for the growth of your company. Therefore, video surveillance cameras are called to be an essential resource for decision-making in modern companies.

This blog will address six key benefits that your company can extract from these products. Today, they are recognized as the ideal complement to alarm systems and even surveillance bodies. As they enable constant monitoring without worrying about fatigue.


1.   Greater security for your company and employees

Security cameras have a formidable deterrent effect beyond collecting incidents and recording material that can be used as evidence. A criminal who enters your company or residence may think twice before committing a criminal act, realizing that security cameras record him.

As a result, there are tangible benefits to investing in cameras. Because employees’ and customers’ sense of security will be enhanced by the belief. That any incident that threatens personal or material integrity will be recorded.


2.   Help with crime reduction

The dissuasive power of video surveillance cameras is produced within the premises of a company. And in the external part, or what is known in security as the perimeter.

The impact goes even further to open areas within cities. That is confirmed by a study conducted in mid-2019 on the impact of security video cameras in Montevideo, Uruguay. The report noted a 20% crime reduction in those city areas where cameras had been installed.

If this occurred in a context as broad as a city, imagine the benefit of having them installed on the perimeter of your company.


3.   Low-intrusive surveillance

One of the significant changes that the electronic security market has seen, especially in video surveillance, is the reduction in the size of the cameras despite the addition of advanced features. Fortunately, these changes have not been reflected in higher costs. Quite the opposite: prices have dropped to such an extent that it is easier to access these types of solutions every day.

The size reduction is a notable advantage since it allows you to have total control of what happens in a space without this implying a conflict with its aesthetic appearance. Luckily for companies, security cameras are now more advanced and have exclusive features than those days when security cameras were bulky and intrusive devices and were technologically limited.


4.   Real-time data generation

If we go back a few years, we will agree that the idea of Closed-Circuit Television (or CCTV) was based on a camera that captured information. And then recorded it on a tape and that it was erased as new data was stored.

In this environment, to obtain information on what was happening, a human team had to analyze what the cameras were capturing frame by frame, a rather tedious process in which essential data could also be omitted.

The technological development of cameras brought more sophisticated equipment equipped with microprocessors. It allowed the analysis of information when these devices were combined with video analytics software.

In this way, the security operators could observe what was happening each time with better video resolution. Besides, they receive notifications from the cameras before pre-configured events, increasing the operational efficiency of the security departments.


5.   An investment that pays for itself

One of the most positive aspects of investing in video surveillance cameras is that they are an asset that generates a return on investment (ROI). Cameras generate ROI from various perspectives. On the one hand, they reduce the material losses of organizations, something that can be easily measured to determine the impact of technology on loss prevention.

Additionally, insurance companies offer better premiums (monthly payments) to companies that invest in security systems for both residences and companies. Another component is the reduction or optimization of the personnel dedicated to security since the installation of cameras in multiple control points allows a more strategic use of the human resources dedicated to surveillance rounds.

Finally, from the psychological point of view, there is also an element that would justify the investment in cameras. That is the feeling of security and protection that we mentioned earlier. How much is the tranquility of protecting your company and family worth?


6. Ease of 24/7 control from multiple devices

One of the most important aspects of digitizing surveillance cameras resides in their ability to connect to computer networks, facilitating the exchange of information between interconnected devices.

With the improvement of handheld computers (the category of equipment that preceded smartphones and tablet PCs). There was also the possibility of observing in real-time and in high resolution what the cameras were capturing. So monitoring it was no longer exclusive to control centers.

Added to this is the concept of agility and responsiveness provided by monitoring surveillance cameras from any location. As you can see, there’re many advantages that security cameras offer for your company or residence.

What do you think now? We hope you enjoyed our article and that our perspective has helped you dispel the doubt as to whether it is worth investing in electronic security. After all, at Locksmith Tampa, we are sure that protecting what you value most, and the peace of mind is priceless.



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