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    As the days get elongated and warmer in April, it’s a lovely time to visit many parts of the globe. Spring begins in the northern hemisphere in April, when winter-raised floors start to bloom, and the sunlight is ordinary. In warmer places like Mexico, April is in the shoulder season so that you can enjoy the best hotel rates and comfortable temperatures before the summer crowds and scorching heat. Here are some best places to travel for April.  Here we discuss about the  best places to travel in april: Bora Bora: Bora Bora attracts travelers with its white-sand beaches, warm water, and romantic atmosphere. Boat tours and four-wheel drives are some of the fun ways to see the breathtaking scenery of Bora Bora, including the stunning view of Mount Otemanu. Pleasant Bora Bora is full of luxurious resorts, sunny skies, warm waters, and friendly locals.     Boston: If you are a history lover, it’s a perfect place for you to visit in April. Boston has a rich history and cultural heritage. The 2.5 miles Freedom Trail is an easy way to see most of Boston’s landmarks and monuments, including the Boston Common Paul and Revere House and museums.     Aspen, Colorado: Aspen Snowmass has four mountains, which are located just a few steps from Downtown. If you love skiing, you can take advantage of spring skiing and celebrate the season officially end on 19 April at Aspen Mountain’s closing day parties. Dinner on the mountain with a drive in a snowcat vehicle is a beautiful way to have fun in the Stunning Mountains of Aspen.     Venice, Italy: Venice is a historic place; April is a perfect month to visit the beauty of this place. Tourists can enjoy the Grand Canal as well as local attractions and gondola rides. You can also conveniently explore St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Basilica due to fewer crowds.     Yangzhou, China: Yangzhou is a famous city due to its Gardens full of stunning flowers. In April, when flowers are in full bloom, it is the best time to explore Yangzhou’s beauty in Jiangsu province. Yangzhou elaborates floral displays at Slender West Lake. There are also more than 200 old miniature private gardens that are situated in this ancient city.     Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto cherry blossoms begin in mid-March and bloom in April, when they bloom brilliantly and fill the city with an unforgettable fragrance and attracts tourists with its stunning beauty. With ancient architecture, tea houses, pagodas, and cherry blossoms in the gardens, locals, and visitors can have the best experience. Kyoto is also a hub of Japanese culture; while staying here, you can also visit the antique shops in Gion, the famous Ryoanji Temple rock garden and see the 100 vendor stalls at Nishiki Market.   Newport Beach, California: Newport Beach, California is stunning at any time of the year, but if you want to catch a Gray Whale transfer, April is the best time to visit. With lots of dolphins and whales roaming from Newport Landing, it’s a good idea to see the area this spring before the arrival of summer crowds. The town has many beaches and boutique shops to enjoy. Tourists can be amused by Balboa Fun Zone, which opened in 1936 and has the thrill of a beautiful, old-fashioned amusement park thrills, like a Ferris wheel and Midway Sports. Click Here to read more informative article