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    Facebook Advertising: How to Create Great Ads

    by tvosqd

    Good news:¬†Facebook recognizes this potential for brands and advertisers, so it’s constantly making adjustments to benefit you and your users. Let’s see what advertising is on this famous social network. What is advertising on Facebook? Advertising on Facebook is a series of ads made by a business or a company within this social network to promote its products or services and find potential customers. This is through Facebook Ad, a paid advertising system, which can be accessed just by having a Facebook page. All marketers who have a profile on this platform know of Facebook Ads, which is nothing more than a platform focused on brands and businesses to generate and manage their ads and advertising campaigns within Facebook. In other words, it’s the ad manager; for their part, users can identify this scheduled content immediately: it appears in their feed with the legend “Advertising”. In the same way as Google, Facebook has an algorithm responsible for delivering ads to people who are most likely to be interested in the message, become customers or take the action that the advertiser expects. Advantages of Facebook Ads In general terms, Facebook Ads allow you to: Generate traffic and visits Increase your brand positioning Promote special events Expand your brand in the global market without losing focus on your target audience These are just some of this functionality’s advantages, but surely you have wondered how advertising works on Facebook. How does Facebook advertising work? Advertising on Facebook works through ads under a payment scheme for time or the entire campaign. Once the campaign (objective and budget) is defined, the ads (segmentation and offer) are created and finally, the visual part (video or image), copy and destination URL of each ad. There are three levels of how advertising works on Facebook: the campaign, the ads, and the visual part of each ad. A company can have one or more campaigns in action, with different ads, in which there will be different visual styles and copies. The intention, ultimately, is to satisfy the target audience and invite them to stay longer on the ad and to click on the offer it contains. The need for these tools arose because the creation of Facebook posts was no longer enough for most brands, especially for those beginning to position themselves. However, giving Facebook money to direct people to your page and send them to your website only works if you do it smartly. 6 Characteristics of Successful Facebook Ads They are visual. They are relevant. And they have an attractive value proposition. They have a call to action. They have memorable images and videos. Also, They involve the public. They are visual The Facebook algorithm prefers visual content. Also, the visual content is more attractive in a section that is always changing, like the news section. Therefore, you are more likely to capture your potential customer’s attention. Remember that 90% of information is transmitted to the brain visually. So no matter what ad you run, your image needs to be visually appealing and grab attention. Check out this offering for a detailed guide to image sizes for various types of Facebook ads and some tips on posting visual content. They are relevant Relevancy is critical to success when using Facebook advertising. Remember that you spend money when someone views or clicks on your ad (depending on the settings you use). Therefore, if you show ads irrelevant to your target audience, you will be wasting time and money, and you will probably not be successful with any type of advertising. Facebook updated the feature on its advertising platform that rates your ads and assigns you a relevance score, similar to Google Ads’ Ad Rank. You must get help from facebook advertising company to get a leading success in campaigns. With the relevance diagnosis of your ads, you can evaluate what improvements you can make: from the quality of the ad (images, video and message, compared to others that run in a segment similar to yours) to the level of interaction and the conversion rate. They have an attractive value proposition A value proposition tells the reader why they should click on your ad to learn more about your product. What differentiates your product or service from others? Why should a visitor click on your ad to view your website? Your value proposition must be credible. Saying you offer the best sandwiches in the world won’t get people to go to your company page, but offering a 20% discount could change that. Perhaps making use of the social proof technique could be of use. You could post something like: “The sandwiches that over a million people prefer to eat yearly. Come try yours today and use this coupon to get 20% off your order.” They have a call to action A nice, relevant ad is great, but if it doesn’t tell people what to do, it won’t work (CTA), and your visitor might not know what to do next. Adding a CTA like “Buy Now and Save X%” or “This offer will end soon” will create a sense of urgency for the visitor. Your CTA should make people want to click on your ad right away. Tell your audience what you want from them: register? Visit you? Buy? Take advantage of a discount. If you are clear on this, it will be easier for people to convert you expect. In Facebook ads, you will find several options so that your CTA is the right one for your campaign, depending on the content type and the location you choose. They have memorable images and videos Consider that the graphics and visuals should be an extension of the message of your ad. Look for the videos and images to be related to your brand, your copy and the concept of the campaign to which they belong. Although it is recommended that you use photographs, videos or illustrations created especially for your brand, you can buy the visual content you need in…