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  • We at office cleaning show you how to clean your floor properly Floors are the be-all and end-all of a household/office. Proper care and maintenance of floors save a lot of time and money. Let us help you to bring your floors back to their former glory. We at office cleaning have come up with a few tips on properly cleaning and cleaning your floor. In this article, we read about office cleaning: Clean the floor Vacuuming In principle, you can vacuum clean floors of any kind. However, it is especially important before mopping. The coarsest dirt on the floor should always be cleaned and disposed of first. On the one hand, this has the advantage that scratch-sensitive floors are not scratched while mopping. And, on the other hand, the mopping water stays clean longer. On non-slip floors, you have to use the vacuum cleaner anyway, as wiping becomes far too time-consuming. De-dusting Dusting is done dry! Dust cloths are suitable for smooth surfaces, but a dust broom for walls and ceilings. Dust wipers, feather dusters, or vacuum cleaners are most efficient on structured surfaces. Unfortunately, only the fork mop is available for blinds. When de-dusting, however, it should be noted that dust is easily whirled up. Wipe with a damp cloth Different types of clothes are suitable for damp wiping. The quickest way to clean your floor is with a floor mop. There are also mop covers made of a wide variety of materials. Ideally, you can use this to clean large floor areas very quickly and thoroughly. In order not to do the double work, you have to approach the whole thing strategically. Start with one side of the room and work your way from the edge to the center. It is also important to only guide the mop in one direction to take the dirt with it. Wipe wet Wet mopping is only recommended for water-resistant floors. First, there is the catchy and two-course wet mopping method. With the two-course, you first wipe with the cleaning fluid, and then you go again with clear water and a clean mop over the surface – this is the most thorough way of cleaning your floor, says your office cleaning. Various mop cleaning sets can be found here. Disinfectant cleaning Here it would help if you had a mop and a wide mopping device again. For disinfecting cleaning, particular attention should be paid to the dosage, and exposure times. In addition, the cleaning staff must adhere to the facility’s disinfection plan. Clean blinds like the pros – tips from office cleaning We at office cleaning show you how to properly clean and care for your blinds Depending on the material, different detergents can produce the best results These glass cleaners are suitable for wiping streak-free aluminum slats. The cleaning rags should be moistened with lukewarm water and washed out regularly. You can remove stubborn dirt with simple dish soap or a metal louver glass cleaner. If the aluminum blinds have not been cleaned for a long time. It may be necessary to soak the dirt beforehand. A simple water bath with washing-up liquid and lukewarm water is suitable for this. In this way, you can loosen stubborn dirt and save a lot of strength and energy. These are mostly easy to remove, and the sun visors are therefore easy to remove. Then place these removed blinds in the prepared water bath and soak them for about half an hour. Either the bathtub is suitable for drying, or you can attach the blinds to the window again and let them dry there on a nice day. Special cleaning equipment Modern auxiliary devices enable several slats to be cleaned at the same time. For this purpose, the blinds are brought into a horizontal position to be cleaned more easily. You can find practical helpers here. For special lamellar cleaning devices, click here, and you can find out how to use them correctly here. Clean wooden slats Wooden slats can be very sensitive. Therefore, ideally, only use slightly damp cloths and special wood cleaning agents. The clothes must never be too damp. Otherwise, there is a risk that the slats will warp. Often the vacuum cleaner with certain attachments, which you will find here, is the best solution. Special gloves for cleaning the slats are particularly suitable for the interior.  They pick up the dust easily, and you can then easily clean them in the washing machine. If you want to clean your office with detergents, wood slats, or special equipment, Midland Odessa Cleaning Co offers the best Cleaning Services in Midland Odessa TX. To get more information Click Here

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    7 tips for cleaning and disinfecting your office

    by tvosqd

    On a desk, we don’t just work. No, we also eat, drink, sneeze, store files, and dust. So many reasons for germs to multiple. An office is thus a natural breeding ground for bacteria! This is why it is essential, especially in this health crisis, to clean our work surface even more often than usual. And this, even if a maintenance agent already comes to take care of it. This also applies to the space you might have settled in at home – if you were telecommuting. in this article we read about the tips for cleaning and disinfecting your office: To make your office shine like a new penny, discover seven tips for cleaning and disinfecting it properly. Enough to evolve in a pleasant working environment. How to clean your office? Flicking your desktop doesn’t take more than a few minutes. In times of epidemic, it is fashionable to take the time to do it just for your health. Here are our tips for performing an efficient and complete office cleaning. 1. Ritualize To not forget, we advise you to do it every week, on the same day at the same time to create a little ritual for yourself. You can even put this “unmissable date” in your calendar. This could be, for example, the Friday evening after your work week so that you can start working again at a neat and clean desk the following Monday. If you ever work on weekends, you can do it on Sunday evening. 2. Sort Start by sorting: remove everything that clutters your desk (keyboard, mouse, papers, files, binders, notebooks …). This is the right time to put your things away and sort them. This step is essential before you tackle the actual cleaning step. Clear your desk by getting rid of documents you don’t need. 3. Ventilate Then ventilate the rooms. Changing the air not only drives away bad smells but, above all, kills microbes and thus prevents their proliferation. Especially since the lack of ventilation can also cause headaches and thus affect your productivity. Try to ventilate the room for 5 to 15 minutes every day, if you can. 4. Dust It’s finally time to dust your furniture. Indeed, too much dust can cause respiratory problems. To do this, use a soft cloth folded in 4. 5. Clean computer tools Now it’s time to clean all your computer tools, which are dirt nests: mouse, keyboard, printer, computer screen, telephone, office chair, lamp, pencil holder, picture frame, or even pencil holder. Flowers. To do this, take your cloth to soak in a cleaning solution. For the keyboard: unplug it to remove any dirt (dust, food residues). Turn it over, shake it, and pat gently to remove crumbs and other encrusted dirt. Then finish the job with a compressed air bomb. For your office chair: if it is made of fabric, soak a sponge in hot water and baking soda, insisting on the stains. For a leather seat, dust and rub gently with a washcloth soaked in water and Marseille soap. You can moisturize it with a Nivea moisturizer and a soft cloth. 6. Disinfect contact points Once eradicated dust, proceed to disinfection by spraying a disinfectant solution on your cloth and wipe your work plan. Don’t forget the outlets and switches. 7. Empty the garbage cans Empty your trash regularly, especially if you’ve blown your nose during the day. Change the bag as soon as necessary. Once all your equipment has been cleaned, do not forget to wash your hands afterward with soap or hydro alcoholic gel. Now you know all about how to clean and disinfect your office. If you can’t do it yourself then call Midland Odessa Cleaning Co. they provide the best Cleaning Services in Midland Odessa TX.