Car rental in winter

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Car rental in winter

We are slowly entering winter, a season that also brings specific difficulties, especially in traffic, in addition to its beauties. In winter, driving is difficult due to low temperatures, snow, ice, fog, potholes, reduced visibility, etc. In this article we read about car rental in winter.

Winter driving is specific and challenging for both drivers and vehicles. Patience and caution are required from the driver, and the vehicle requires endurance, safety, and correctness.

In winter, the conditions on the road are very changeable, you should pay attention to other drivers, not everyone is good at winter driving, but the most important thing is to be well prepared to avoid freezing by the road due to vehicle failure or driving error.

Suppose you have an old and defective car that can not withstand harsh winter conditions, especially over long distances and in mountain conditions, which has a weak battery. In that case, there is an option to visit a car rental agency and rent a newer and more powerful vehicle.

Tips for renting a car in winter

If you decide to rent a car to get to a winter center or visit relatives who live in a remote mountain village, read these six tips:

1. Do you rent an all-wheel-drive vehicle?

Most drivers think that all-wheel drive is necessary for driving on snow. Such vehicles are powerful and safe but more expensive; they consume more fuel and require driving skills.  Often all-wheel drive is not necessary, especially if it is less snow. Almost all modern cars have front-wheel drive and carry themselves quite well on moderately high snow, so renting large SUVs with 4-wheel drive is unnecessary.

In any case, avoid the rear-wheel-drive because such vehicles are volatile and can quickly get stuck.

2. ABS brakes

More important than the drive is that you have an anti-lock braking system, the so-called ABS braking system.

The most dangerous part of driving on snow and ice is braking, especially in curves and on icy surfaces.

The ABS braking system does not block the wheels, and they do not slip and thus helps the car not to get out of control and keep the line of movement while braking.

Of course, it does not entirely prevent slipping if you go at high speed, so help him by driving at a moderate speed.

3. Drive the car you are used to

If you drive a smaller car all your life, switching to larger SUVs and SUVs can be problematic.

They have high seats, some other dead spots, they can be heavy on the steering wheel, driving with 4-wheel drive is different, you enter curves differently, move and stop, so if the driver is not used to these vehicles, when he finds himself in zoom conditions, on snow and ice, its safety and self-confidence can suffer. And a lack of self-confidence in driving almost always leads to mistakes.

Therefore, stick to the class of vehicles you usually use.

Even if you rent an identical car with the one at home, test it before you go skiing, do a few laps in the parking lot and adjust to its specific characteristics.

Also, try new devices, such as GPS, braking with ABS, power steering, check various alarms, adjust mirrors, meet blind spots, etc.

4. Slow down

If you drive fast on ice and snow, neither 4-wheel drive nor the most modern ABS braking system helps.

On wet and frozen roads, the braking distance is much longer than on dry asphalt, the stability of the vehicle when entering and exiting the curve is lower, visibility is reduced in winter, the danger of chain collisions is excellent.

The most significant way to stay safe is to take precautions to keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Research says that it takes 6 seconds to differentiate between vehicles for a safe stop in harmful conditions. If you drive 80 kilometers per hour, that would be about 150 meters distance

So be patient and don’t drive fast, you’ll arrive maybe a little later, but that’s safer.

5. Get the necessary things for winter driving

Fill the fuel tank. When you notice that it is half empty, could you stop at the nearest pump and refill it? The most dreadful thing that might happen to you in winter is to run out of fuel.

Be sure to bring an ice scraper to the windows. Bring antifreeze and antifreeze. The agencies will certainly put antifreeze in the refrigerator, but it is not out of place to have a reserve adjust the tire pressure, bring blankets, a scarf, gloves, and warm enough clothes. Just in case, bring some little things that “life will know,” such as a flashlight, a tow rope, a few bottles of water, food, and the like winter tires are taken for granted. Still, we will emphasize them separately. Drivers usually have these things in their car and forget about them when they rent a vehicle at a car rental agency. Well, then it’s too late.

6. You need to know when to call in an emergency

If you get stuck somewhere, you need to know which number to dial. In addition to the number of AMSS and some towing services, be sure to remember the number of the car rental agency. Contact them first, and they know best when to send to help you. Instead of a conclusion: Renting a car to travel in the winter is the right decision. You will have a more robust and safer vehicle that will move more quickly on frozen and snowy roads, and that will safely take you to your desired destination.

All-wheel drive and heated seats help in the winter, but the driver is the most essential and irreplaceable link. He must have good preparation, driving skills, concentration, responsibility, and patience in all seasons, especially in winter.

If you need a car in winter to make your journey comfortable and cozy, Carlay car rental provides the best opportunity to rent a car in Karachi.

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