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Do you want to acquire technical skills and start your business as a web developer? Congratulations! You’ve made an exceptional choice. But what is the best way to learn web development quickly? How can you ensure that you see results and achieving your goals promptly?

The intimidating part of learning how to develop a web from scratch is knowing where we can begin.

Are you googling to learn about web design services? You might be a bit confused with all the languages, frameworks, and learning resources during your browsing.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Google can be your best friend or your most serious enemy. It just depends on how you use it.

Start with the end in mind.

One of the things that I recommend when you start to learn web development, is to set a clear goal and keep it in mind.

You may want to change careers. You might have the wrong idea for an app, or maybe you just want to learn how to have fun.

No matter what your goals are, the important thing is to understand what you’re doing.

If you’ve no former experience, it’s an ace idea to decide whether you are interested in back-end or front-end development. Let me summarize the difference.


This is what the customers view and interact with on the page. All designs, effects, layouts, and images that build a user experience.

Generally speaking, front-end developers have visual creativity with the best design skills, convenience, and user experience ethics. The web’s most advanced technologies are HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.


This is the part that processes, stores, and normally processes data. It is how this website or application works.

Back-end developers are generally a good problem solver and logical intellectual. They are responsible for the functionality of websites or applications. Back-end developers are usually well aware with server languages like PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Whatever your interest, I still think the best place to start is to learn some basic HTML and CSS. Finally, no matter what area of development you want to work on, you should always be able to display it on a web page in a slightly visible format.

If you’re ready to invest in web development courses, I will tell you the 5 best platforms to learn about web development.

  1. Team Treehouse

It produces all of its coding and web development courses in-house. Its large community of fellow students will help and keep you motivated.

You can start courses, or tracks, as they describe them, in various areas:

  • Front-end web development
  • Python development
  • Full-stack JavaScript development
  • IOS development
  • Java Web Development
  • Computing
  • And much more!

This subscription-based platform offers affordable plans, student discounts, and a free trial to take their classes. So, if you’re serious about achieving your goals, you can count on Team Treehouse.

  1. Codecademy

This is the first place many people start learning code and programming. You can sign up in a minute and start your first web development tutorial.

The browser-based learning environment is very easy to use. There is no need to install any software on your computer. You’ll get instant feedback on your business, and it’s easy to find errors in your code.

Codecademy has a lot of free content that you can use to get started. If you like your classes, you may want to consider investing in a pro plan.

Professional membership will open up so-called career paths that provide you with employment using this unique educational resource. Most importantly, you will have access to many projects that you can create for your portfolio.

  1. Udemy

It is a perfect platform to learn practically everything. You can find an extensive selection of beginner-level courses for coding and web development. To get started, check out their newest web development courses for beginners.

The best part?

Most of the Udemy classes are free, so you can get a start without wasting time. Use the free resources to learn the basics of the programming language to get started.

When you feel like you’ve found an area to master, keep your eyes peeled for upgrade.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great online learning platform. It is an excellent place to promote a wealth of programming knowledge and skills. There you will find courses and tutorials ranging from the basics of computer programming to advanced applications.

Thanks to Khan Academy, you will be able to learn and master programming languages such as:





There are also core courses that teach you the philosophy and skills behind computer programming as a whole.

  1. Bit Degree 

It offers several free courses, ranging from programming to game development.

They offer approved online courses and gamified courses. This helps to integrate knowledge and interaction into the learning process. You have to choose your language and start learning.

Many programming languages are covered, but the most popular are highlighted below:







BitDegree is also doing something exclusive by incorporating a blockchain into the education process. There are apparent rewards and success system that helps companies recruit tech talent and measure course success.

You don’t need to take every course or program in the list above, but choose the most interesting one and take it seriously.

If you have a question, advice, or suggestion regarding web development? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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