Best online business ideas to launch in 2021

Best online business ideas to launch in 2021

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Thanks to the internet, anyone can have an online business but it can be possible if you have best online business ideas. This is a great job opportunity for those who prefer flexible working hours and full control of their income.

This article presents the best online business ideas to launch in 2021. And amazingly you can launch site by any web design company this year.

1. Affiliate Marketing online business idea

The first on the list is one of the most popular online business ideas. Through affiliate marketing, you can make money by promoting the products or services of other people.

This is a monetization channel for many online content creators. Tons of businesses like their products to be recommended by influencers because word of mouth remains an effective marketing strategy.

If you love to review articles, affiliate marketing is a great idea to start. Many people have developed this business by creating a website based on a particular niche – headphones, dog food, or mattresses.

How you get paid depends on the company. You will often receive a commission every time someone purchases a product or clicks on your platform’s affiliate link.

2. Blog creation business

Today, blogging remains a profitable business. It’s a perfect way to share your expertise and interests online. Blog creation is the best and high paid online business idea for active and passive income.

However, it would help if you had the right strategies to have a steady income.

The key to a successful blog is choosing the right niche. Not only should it be tailored to your expertise and passion, but it should also have a large audience. Your blog is guaranteed to have traffic if people are looking for it in the first place.

Also, the niche must have commercial potential. The main sources of income for a blog are based on various monetization options. This includes affiliate marketing, advertising space, producing sponsored content, selling merchandise, courses, and other goods.

Once you’ve set up a blog site, start writing articles. Make sure they provide useful content to your audience. Also, learn some digital marketing tactics to optimize your blog and generate more traffic.

3. Content creator on Patreon

Want to be an online content creator? Consider joining Patreon. This crowdfunding platform allows many people to get financial support from people who love their creations.

With Patreon, you can offer fans multiple membership options at different prices. In return for a monthly income, you’ll be providing exclusive content to your fans – from behind-the-scenes footage to online lessons.

Many creators have turned to Patreon for sustainable living, such as Humans of New York and Markus Magnusson. Not to mention that they use it to build a fanbase and connect it.

To use the platform, sign up for a creator plan. Patreon will reduce some fees when you start making money. In return, you will benefit from features such as coaching and analysis to help you run your business.

4. Sale of handicrafts best online business idea

Do you have the talent to make artisanal products? Try to sell them.

People are generally more willing to pay if you have unique products. So you can set a higher price for your goods than the average market.

To maximize costs and profits, establish a home store and purchase the materials wholesale. Plus, make sure you have the right target audience in mind when designing your product.

Today, sites like Etsy, eBay, and even Instagram can help launch any small business in no time. However, if you want complete control over your activities, consider starting your online store. This way, you will have authority over your brand, and you will not have to pay third party fees.

5. Reselling items on eBay

With the economy becoming a trend, now is the time to start reselling used items. Not to mention that there are always people looking for a good deal.

This activity requires low start-up costs. You can go to online flea markets or auction sites to find great deals on old items to get started. It can be furniture, clothing, or toys.

While there are thousands of e-commerce sites out there, eBay remains the go-to-market for used items. Take advantage of the popularity of the platform if you want to make quick money.

You can also use their auction model if you have a rare item – like a vintage record player or an old video game console. These items can fetch up to several hundred dollars if you attract a crowd of collectors.

If you have achieved a recurring income source, try to earn additional income by creating an online business ideas course to share your knowledge. Flea Market Flipper is a good example of a successful flipping business in this area.

6. Amazon FBA

To become an Amazon seller, register for Amazon’s Compliance. . It’s a program that lets you ask the e-commerce giant to handle your inventory, shipping, and customer service.

This is a great solution for new business owners who want an easy process for setting up their business.

However, note that you will need to pay fulfillment and storage fees to join the FBA. However, the total cost may be more affordable than if you took care of these aspects yourself over the long term.

7. Dropshipping online business

Dropshipping is one of the best online business ideas if you want to make money online from home. Unlike a regular online store, you can run an e-commerce site without worrying about making products or managing inventory.

Instead, you will partner with wholesalers to have their products labeled under your brand. When someone makes a purchase, you will notify the company to ship their order to the customer

With that, dropshipping is an affordable online business to start with. To set up a store, all you need is a website, laptop, and access to wholesale supplier directories like SaleHoo and AliDropship.

Since most dropshipping stores sell similar products, be sure to distinguish your brand from the competition. Companies achieve this by shrinking their niche. For example, Socks sticks to only selling cute socks.

8. YouTuber

YouTube being one of the most-watched platforms on the internet, becoming a video maker can be very profitable if done right.

With over two billion users, there are plenty of niche markets you can tap into – as long as they have an audience and business potential. From vlogs to streaming video games to cover songs, the choice is endless.

The amount of income you get will depend on your monetization channels. Most YouTubers make money through Affiliate Marketing, Referral, Merchandise, and Google AdSense.

To start your career on YouTube, you will need to learn editing skills and purchase good video equipment.

Focus on the growth of your subscriber base, other than that. Companies prefer to work with influencers with many loyal followers.

9. Podcaster

Podcasting is booming, and it’s one of the most promising distance business ideas on this list. The United States alone has over 140 million podcast listeners, and more and more companies are partnering with podcasters to advertise their products.

As with other content creators, choosing the right niche is important. If you choose a popular topic, make sure your podcast stands out from the competition.

Podcasters make money from affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

If you want to get into podcasting, invest in some great audio equipment and an editing program, like Adobe Audition.

You can publish your podcast in two ways: by joining a podcast hosting platform or creating your website. The latter choice gives you more control over your brand and monetization.

10. Online coaching

Do you have specific expertise to share? Create a coaching activity. As an online coach, you can find clients from all over the world.

Some popular topics to cover include nutrition, personal development, spirituality, dating, business, and more. To stand out, consider choosing a specialization in the field of your choice.

To provide your services, make private video calls or send video lessons to your customers.

Also, consider making a free eBook or launching an email subscription service so potential clients can get ideas on how your classes can help them.

11. Web development

Web developers are a highly demanded workforce that many businesses need today. Tons of businesses and entrepreneurs hire them to ensure their presence online.

This activity has a steeper learning curve compared to other ideas on the list. You will need to be proficient in a variety of programming languages - from JavaScript to Python. Not to mention that you need to understand website maintenance and search engine optimization strategies.

Once you have enough skills, create a portfolio for your web development projects. A website like Matt Farley’s is a good place to start if you need inspiration.

12. Application development

Applications are always in high demand, so it’s no wonder that developing them can be a great remote business idea.

Think of unique apps like Flush. This is a toilet finder that lets you know if there is a toilet nearby in case you need it.

To get people to download your product, make it free. You can offer premium features and ad space in the app to earn money.

13. Online advertising manager

With digital ads playing a major role in a business’s success, many companies have started to exploit them. However, few of them know how to take advantage of these ads.

It’s there that you intervene. As an online advertising manager, you will manage your customers’ advertising needs on different platforms – like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Besides your marketing skills, you should know PPC bidding strategies, ad pricing models, and analytics.

14. Resale of websites and domains

If you have some business and web development background, consider reselling sites and domains for a living. You will find dumped sites and domains, buy them, modify them and resell them.

Many people are more interested in buying well-established sites than starting their own. Indeed, setting up domain authority and backlinks can take time and effort.

Also, it isn’t easy to find good domain names. If you buy one with commercial potential, someone might be willing to pay a hefty price to buy it from you.

To get started, go to platforms like Empire Flippers and Flippa to find websites. Make sure the ones you want to buy aren’t banned, sketchy, or infected with viruses.

During the resale process, focus on user experience and site design. Follow the best search engine optimization techniques. A website with a good search engine ranking can sell quickly.


I hope you’ve got many online business ideas now you can do it. The internet has made it possible to create your own online business from your home. They are ideal for getting started if you need extra income in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 outbreak.

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